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Mr. Cricket, Musical Comedian from Dallas, TX



to be great is to be misunderstood


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Right click "Listen" and hit Save Target As... to download a sound byte of Mr. Cricket reading the definition.
Disclaimer:  Mr. Cricket lives in his own little world and assumes that people know what he's talking about.  We've attempted to define the following words based on his usage in various situations.  As Mr. Cricket continues to ramble, more words could start to take shape.  We'd ask you to check back often, but that could be hazardous!
Listen Baauuwwll (n) An angry outburst
Listen Bwernt (n) A fart that sounds like a short trumpet blast, or vise versa.
Listen Dalmatus (n) A demon who haunts Mr. Cricket
Listen Dalpubbins (n) The king of the old west
Listen Deesh (v) To bite down while smiling
note: saying this word will force you to make this face
Listen Ewehh (n) A celebratory cry, often followed by a raised fist in the air
Listen Fermz (v) To frown disapprovingly
Listen Fuff (v) Tucking in your bottom lip with your front teeth
note: saying this word will force you to make this face
Listen Hewwll (n) A sorrowful sigh
Listen Hoyyy (n) Joyful cry, often heard when Mr. Cricket spots an airplane
Listen Huthit (n) Inquiry, confusion
Listen Neln (n) Frustration, as shown by folding the tip of your tongue under your bottom teeth and biting down on it with your top teeth
Listen Pok (n) An erroneous sound, often heard when listening to a burned CD-R
Listen Pums (n) A taunting stare in which the jaw is open wide, but the lips are sealed tight
Listen Rlee, rlee, rlee (n) Authentic Mr. Cricket gibberish
Listen Runkunks (n) Heavy, consecutive guitar crunches
Listen Thit (n) Shit, defecation
Listen Tubbins (n) Hat hair
Listen Twibith (n) Travis,  Mr. Cricket's brother
Listen Wubbeets (v) To wave ones arms violently up and down

Mr. Cricket, Musical Comedian from Dallas, TX