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Shylocke Band - The official site for the Dallas, TX indie rock band, Shylocke.








Ever hear the phrase, "In space no one can hear you scream"?  Well that goes for the web too.  That's why we at Shylocke took the liberty of pointing you towards some important sites who's screams we felt should be heard!

FRIENDS OF SHYLOCKE / SHYLOCKE SIDE-PROJECTS                          - Music's Worst Nightmare!
Pop-ups... no - Wade and some friends of ours... naked!
Pop-ups... no

SHYLOCKE'S FAVORITE ARTISTS                                                           

Beck - More than just a "Loser", baby!
Ben Folds - charming piano pop guru with both heart and sense of humor
Butch Walker - power pop virtuoso and former marvelous 3 singer turned super producer! 
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Eels - sad bastard indie rock... did 4 encores at Trees the last time they were here

Nada Surf - like standing in a warm beam of sunlight on a frosty winter day

Pearl Jam - does that mean like cum? 
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Weezer - geek rock/guitar pop pioneers
Wilco - like whisky as it soothes an afflicted heart

ARTISTS SIMILAR TO SHYLOCKE                                                           

Doves - atmospheric brilliance
Radiohead - country-ska band from Tulsa... just kidding
Sloan - Canadian power pop with 4 songwriting voices
Simon & Garfunkel - poetic lyrics set to unforgettable harmonies
Travis - prodigiously soothing, yet catchy brit-pop

FUNNY SITES, ETC..                                                                    - For the Primate in All of Us
Pop-ups... no

ebaum's World - A hilarious collection of media for the masses
Pop-ups... yes  - Where any idiot with a kazoo can find an outlet on the web 
Pop-ups... no - Help get that lying ass Texan out'tha White House
Pop-ups... no - The Simpsons' Archive
Pop-ups... no - brought to you by the Cast & Crew of South Park
Pop-ups... no - Support Dusty (the webmassa) by buying some Fabric?!
Pop-ups... no

You're the man now, dog!


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